Palace Estate is more than real estate!

Our services have evolved and extended in time in order to perfectly fit our clients’ needs. And since we know that one of the biggest concerns for an Expat is the relocation process (which is many times complicated, time consuming and very stressful) we are also able to offer full, customized relocation services.

Dealing with multiple providers for the different aspects of relocation can be difficult and most of all expensive, therefore the advantages of working with a company that does it all are multiple for both Expats who make the decision to relocate themselves and their families on their own and corporations relocating Expat staff.

Our corporate clients discover that relocating employees can be much easier than imagined. It will reduce the workload of the departments that usually deal with the relocation process, and allow them to focus on their regular duties. It will also increase the work efficiency of your new Expat employees as they will be focusing from the beginning on their new job, rather than thinking of details and aspects of their relocation. It will save you time and money! All of our clients, corporate or private, are designated a relocation coordinator who oversees the entire process and ensures that everything runs smooth, fast and hassle free.

Preparing for Relocation to Bucharest:

  • Briefing on personal situation & requirements
  • Visa, Immigration and Work permit services
  • Listing your needs in terms of accommodation
  • Recommendations for temporary accommodation (hotel, apart-hotel, apartment)
  • Active research for apartment/house for rent/purchase
  • Relocation checklist
  • Arranging door to door delivery of possessions
  • Pets’ relocation (veterinary and customs clearance, transportation)
  • Vehicles’ relocation (transportation and paperwork for any type of vehicle within Europe or overseas)

Accomodation support:

  • Lease negotiation & helping with the inventory (for rentals), introduction to a notary (for purchase)
  • Organizing household utilities accounts: electricity, gas, heating, telephone, T.V., Internet
  • Financial services – taxes, accountancy, opening bank accounts
  • Assistance with multiple formalities, bureaucratic issues
  • Language training
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Spouse Counselling Program – Career Assistance
    Recommendations for bilingual or English schools, school visits
    Recommendations for domestic staff: babysitter (Romanian or from Philippines), cleaner, handyman, chef, driver, property guard
  • Medical recommendations – private clinics, specialists, etc.
  • Pet Services – veterinarians, toileting, kennels, etc.
    – Private concierge services:
    – event planning
    – executive assistance – planning meetings, drafting
    – correspondence, reports, other documents
    – meet and greet services
    – catering
    – personalized shopping – shopping assistant
    – courier services
    – tour and travel arrangements
  • Permanent contact for any enquiries

Departure Assistance:

  • Termination of the lease and household utilities accounts
  • Accommodation final cleaning, possible repairs, touch-ups
  • Closing of bank account
  • Travel arrangements

Useful Links:

General Inspectorate for Immigrants:

Ministry of Foreigner Affairs

National House for Social Insurances

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