Visible properties:

Dorobanti Capitale | fairy tale like 2 bedrooms | for rent

1,600€ /month (VAT not applicable)
98sqm 3x 2x 2x ID: 6217

Herastrau Park | 3 bedroom penthouse | 215 sqm | 3 parkings | for sale

990,000€ (VAT not applicable)
215sqm 4x 3x 3x ID: 6182

Cortina Residence | superb 1 bedroom flat | Rovere | parking | for sale

250,000€ (VAT not applicable)
75sqm 2x 1x 2x ID: 6233

Floreasca new building 2018 | 2 bedrooms 2 baths | for sale

375,000€ (VAT not applicable)
120sqm 3x 2x 2x ID: 6232

Primaverii | exquisite 3 bedrooms | 268 sqm | parking | newly renovated

4,500€ /month (+ 19% VAT)
268sqm 4x 3x 3x ID: 6224
P-ta Unirii

Investment opportunity Unirii offices with 9% yield

1,600,000€ (VAT not applicable)
4,700sqm 50x 50x 25x ID: 5846

Floreasca new building 2018 | penthouse 2 bedrooms 2 baths | 1st rent | parking

2,400€ /month (VAT not applicable)
115sqm 3x 2x 2x ID: 6210

Herastrau-Baneasa | 2 bedrooms | new building | for sale

249,920€ (VAT not applicable)
85sqm 3x 2x 2x ID: 6180

Primaverii | luxurious 3 bedrooms villa | garage | furnished | for rent

5,500€ /month (+ 19% VAT)
228sqm 4x 3x 3x ID: 6203

Impressive penthouse available for rent in Baneasa

2,500€ /month (+ 19% VAT)
250sqm 4x 3x 3x ID: 3729
Iancu Nicolae

Four-room penthouse available for rent in the area Iancu Nicolae

1,500€ /month (VAT not applicable)
150sqm 4x 3x 3x ID: 3855
Iancu Nicolae

7 room House / Villa for rent, Iancu Nicolae area

2,300€ /month (+ 19% VAT)
280sqm 7x 6x 5x ID: 3985
Iancu Nicolae

5 room House / Villa for rent, Iancu Nicolae area

4,000€ /month (+ 19% VAT)
280sqm 5x 4x 4x ID: 4075

Fully furnished home located in a quiet area!

290,000€ (+ 19% VAT)
1,600€ /month (+ 19% VAT)
200sqm 5x 4x 4x ID: 4140

Villa available for rent starting with 1 of December!

2,600€ /month (VAT not applicable)
250sqm 5x 4x 4x ID: 4149

Cozy villa with 4 rooms in residential, available in 2018

430,000€ (+ 19% VAT)
1,800€ /month (+ 19% VAT)
270sqm 4x 3x 4x ID: 4171

Exquisite villa with swimming pool in residential

730,000€ (+ 19% VAT)
3,200€ /month (+ 19% VAT)
8x 5x 7x ID: 4172

3 room Apartment for sale, Pipera area

139,000€ (+ 19% VAT)
110sqm 3x 2x 3x ID: 4227

Excellent Villa, located near the American School

1,350€ /month (VAT not applicable)
240sqm 6x 5x 4x ID: 2051

Luxurious 2 bedroom apartament for rent in Herastrau

1,700€ /month (VAT not applicable)
115sqm 3x 2x 2x ID: 4511

Dorobanti Capitale | fairy tale like 2 bedrooms attic | for rent

1,600€ /month (VAT not applicable)
110sqm 3x 2x 2x ID: 4515

Dorobanti Aviatorilor wonderful 1100 sqm villa for rent ideal embassy/company hq

14,000€ /month (VAT not applicable)
1,120sqm 23x 12x 8x ID: 4544
Iancu Nicolae

Modern villa located close to Jolie Ville

600,000€ (VAT not applicable)
350sqm 7x 4x 4x ID: 4648
Iancu Nicolae

Great property, available for rent or sale

4,000€ /month (VAT not applicable)
350sqm 6x 4x 5x ID: 4694
Iancu Nicolae

Furnished villa located near the British School

500,000€ (+ 19% VAT)
3,200€ /month (+ 19% VAT)
336sqm 7x 5x 6x ID: 5038
Iancu Nicolae

New modern villa, emplaced near to Jolie Ville

4,000€ /month (VAT not applicable)
210sqm 5x 4x 3x ID: 5089
Iancu Nicolae

Villas for sale in the newest exclusive residential project from Iancu Nicolae

600,000€ (+ 19% VAT)
330sqm 6x 4x 3x ID: 5254

Apartment for sale in Ibiza Sol!

135,000€ (VAT not applicable)
88sqm 3x 2x 1x ID: 5418
Iancu Nicolae

Furnished apartment, located near the French Lyceum

1,100€ /month (VAT not applicable)
150sqm 4x 3x 3x ID: 5555
Iancu Nicolae

Individual Villa, located in a complex, near the British school

750,000€ (VAT not applicable)
390sqm 6x 4x 4x ID: 5707
Iancu Nicolae

Iancu Nicolae area, private Street, exceptional property!

600,000€ (VAT not applicable)
220sqm 6x 4x 3x ID: 5762

9000 sq.m. land for sale in Pipera

1,440,000€ (VAT not applicable)
9,000sqm 160€/sqm ID: 5827

New modern Villa, completion period 2018

199,240€ (+ 19% VAT)
149sqm 5x 3x 3x ID: 5829

New Villa, located in the unique residential complex

149,740€ (+ 19% VAT)
159sqm 5x 3x 3x ID: 5828

New Villa, located close to Pipera Lake

300,000€ (+ 19% VAT)
230sqm 5x 3x 4x ID: 5830
Iancu Nicolae

Commercial Spaces for rent, Iancu Nicolae area

1,700€ /month (VAT not applicable)
60sqm 1x 1x x ID: 5839

Penthouse with impressive sight, located in Primaverii Area

830,000€ (+ 19% VAT)
178sqm 5x 3x 3x ID: 5838

Apartment, parking space and storage rooms at super low price!

96,317€ (VAT included)
81sqm 3x 2x 2x ID: 5877
Iancu Nicolae

New Villa, located in a residential complex

3,800€ /month (VAT not applicable)
450sqm 6x 4x 4x ID: 5997

Apartment completely renovated, situated in a residential complex.

2,700€ /month (VAT not applicable)
180sqm 4x 3x 4x ID: 5998

Cotroceni unique superb villa 600 usable sqm for sale

1,947,000€ (VAT not applicable)
600sqm 10x 10x 5x ID: 6043

Individual villa, located in a quiet area, close to schools!

6,500€ /month (VAT not applicable)
650sqm 7x 4x 5x ID: 6062

Primaverii exquisite 3 bedroom apartment for sale

1,325,000€ (VAT not applicable)
281sqm 4x 3x 3x ID: 6066

A new Villa, adapted to the current standards!

3,550€ /month (VAT not applicable)
282sqm 7x 5x 6x ID: 6149
Iancu Nicolae

Elegance and refinement in Iancu Nicolae area !

2,450,000€ (VAT not applicable)
688sqm 11x 8x 10x ID: 6097
Iancu Nicolae

Villa located in residential complex with pool, tennis court and playground

2,000€ /month (+ 19% VAT)
200sqm 6x 4x 4x ID: 5218
Iancu Nicolae

New villa located close to the forest

400,000€ (VAT not applicable)
213sqm 4x 3x 4x ID: 6109

Modern villa located in a complex with swimming pool!

370,000€ (VAT not applicable)
2,500€ /month (VAT not applicable)
340sqm 6x 4x 4x ID: 6130
Iancu Nicolae

Duplex, located in a residential complex from Iancu Nicolae.

450,000€ (VAT not applicable)
340sqm 6x 4x 4x ID: 6131

Furnished villa located in an oasis of tranquility!

2,300€ /month (VAT not applicable)
325sqm 6x 5x 6x ID: 6179

Kiseleff | 2 bedrooms 3 bathrooms | fully furnished | secure compound | for rent

2,100€ /month (+ 19% VAT)
128sqm 3x 2x 3x ID: 6188

Herastrau Park | 2 bedrooms | 125 usable sqm | new building 2018 | first rent

1,900€ /month (VAT not applicable)
125sqm 3x 2x 2x ID: 6189

Furnished apartment, located next to Herastrau Park

2,250€ /month (VAT not applicable)
160sqm 4x 3x 3x ID: 6190
Iancu Nicolae

Individual villa, located near the forest.

3,200€ /month (VAT not applicable)
270sqm 6x 4x 3x ID: 6194

Herastrau | designer 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms | 2 parkings and storage | for rent

1,950€ /month (VAT not applicable)
112sqm 4x 3x 3x ID: 6200
P-ta Victoriei

Victoriei Square | 4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms | 211 sqm | 2 parkings | for sale

555,000€ (+ 19% VAT)
196sqm 5x 4x 4x ID: 6201

Vila in Oxford Gardens | with heated swimming pool

4,400€ /month (+ 19% VAT)
356sqm 8x 8x 6x ID: 6202

Aviatorilor | 3 bedrooms designer made | 135 sqm | for rent

1,900€ /month (VAT not applicable)
135sqm 4x 3x 3x ID: 6212

Herastrau Park | 2 bedrooms 150 sqm | 2 parkings | for rent

1,500€ /month (VAT not applicable)
150sqm 3x 2x 3x ID: 6213

Herastrau Park first line | 2 bedrooms furnished | for sale

325,000€ (VAT not applicable)
90sqm 3x 2x 2x ID: 6219

Luxury 3-room ( 2-bedroom ) apartment for sale | Natura Residence

205,000€ (VAT not applicable)
100sqm 3x 2x 3x ID: 6223

2-room apartment for rent | Aviatiei area

650€ /month (VAT not applicable)
50sqm 2x 1x 1x ID: 6225

Aviatorilor new building | 2 bedrooms 3 baths | Rovere design | 2 parkings |rent

2,800€ /month (VAT not applicable)
108sqm 3x 2x 3x ID: 6226
Iancu Nicolae

New Villa, overlooking the Lake!

530,000€ (+ 19% VAT)
270sqm 4x 3x 3x ID: 6229

Exclusive Villa available for sale or rent!

1,500,000€ (VAT not applicable)
5,500€ /month (VAT not applicable)
742sqm 7x 4x 5x ID: 4935
Iancu Nicolae

Superb villa with beautiful garden, situated close to the BSB!

2,370€ /month (VAT not applicable)
220sqm 6x 4x 3x ID: 5116

Luxury 4-room apartment for rent – Kiseleff Area

1,300€ /month (VAT not applicable)
110sqm 4x 2x 2x ID: 5157

Outstanding villa, available for sale, near OMV gas station!

380,000€ (VAT not applicable)
300sqm 9x 4x 4x ID: 5420

New apartment located in the most select area of Bucharest

395,000€ (+ 19% VAT)
109sqm 4x 3x 3x ID: 5836

Two-bedroom apartment, located in the most select area of Bucharest

350,000€ (+ 19% VAT)
95sqm 3x 2x 2x ID: 5837
Iancu Nicolae

New villa with exceptional finishes, located near the Jolie Ville

350,000€ (VAT not applicable)
2,200€ /month (VAT not applicable)
180sqm 5x 4x 4x ID: 5895
Iancu Nicolae

New duplex located near the forest!

1,875€ /month (+ 19% VAT)
157sqm 4x 3x 3x ID: 6056
Iancu Nicolae

New duplex, with own garden!

2,000€ /month (+ 19% VAT)
140sqm 4x 3x 3x ID: 6057

Gorgeous brand new 3 room duplex apartment in Floreaska-Herastrau area

1,200€ /month (VAT not applicable)
92sqm 3x 2x 2x ID: 5991

Luxury 5-room apartment with terrace for sale- Floreasca Lake

780,000€ (+ 19% VAT)
214sqm 5x 4x 3x ID: 4992

Herastrau unique and luxurious 4 room apartment for rent

430,000€ (VAT not applicable)
2,300€ /month (VAT not applicable)
168sqm 4x 3x 3x ID: 5076
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